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November 23, 2003

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I would like to thank Hugh Brown and Chris Sells, who published links to my code long before I had the courage to do so.


BinManager. BinManager is shell context menu command for deleting old items from Windows recycle bin, as well as a scriptable component for managing the recycle bin. You can use either feature, or both.

ClarifyButton. This toolbar button for IE 5.0+ makes some web pages more visually accessible by removing background images and imposing the browser's default color scheme.

dhtmlmon. This tool assists web developers examine dhtml elements and spy on dhtml events.

dumpbinGUI. This programmer's tool provides a standalone gui version of Microsoft's dumpbin tool, and a context menu handler to run it from the shell.

IDispEventImplDbg. This it is an ATL programmer's "tool" for debugging event sinks.

IEDocMon. This explorer bar for Microsoft Internet Explorer is useful for exploring DHTML elements, events, and interfaces.

IESendLink. This is a toolbar button for Microsoft Internet Explorer to e-mail the current URL without the annoying shortcut file.

ImageExplorer. This programmer's tool finds bitmaps, icons, and cursors in running processes, and extracts them to disk.

PdhTool. This programmer's tool provides a friendly gui front-end for the Performance Data Helper library.

SendImage. This context menu shell extension resizes image files and renders them with html in Microsoft Outlook.

ShellSpy. This programmer's tool monitors shell events.

SourceTree. This is an explorer bar for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+. It provides easy access to the dhtml source of complex web pages.

tlb2xml. This programmer's tool dumps type libraries (including those bound in PE modules as resources) to xml. It's useful for examining a typelib's internal structure.

UnPop. This Internet Explorer toolbar button executes three commands for closing IE windows, and one command for exploring IE popup windows created without the usual ornamentation.

UrlRunAddIn. This tool adds Chris Sells's UrlRun capability to Microsoft Outlook's context menu. It cleans urls wrapped in plain text messages, and launches them in the browser.

xmlpp. This tool pretty-prints xml files by adding linefeeds and indenting nested elements.


AtlAddIn. ATL port of MSDN sample ComAddIn. Adds a toolbar button to Microsoft Word 2000+.

ieband. ATL/WTL sample demonstrates adding a toolbar to IE 5.0+.

Microsoft Desktop Shortcuts. .REG file creates a shortcut like the ones Microsoft uses for Internet Explorer and Outlook

MyLoadString. C++/STL sample walking a stringtable resource, and using basic_string for a writable character buffer.

Typelib GUIDS. ATL sample dumping type library guids to stdout.

WtlBgScroll. WTL sample demonstrates a scrolling background.

WtlPicture. WTL sample demonstrates loading gif and jpg images without incurring the overhead of WebBrowser.

xbrowser. ATL/WTL sample implements a Temporary Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol Handler providing a level of security for dhtml source code.

yahoo. C++/STL sample demonstrates ripping extended quotes from Yahoo with InternetReadFile. From back when people cared about stock prices.


These are wizards for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 created with Developmentor's fabulous Gen<X>.

ContextMenuHandler, DropHandler, IconHandler, PropertySheetHandler. Implement ATL COM objects for shell extension handlers.

CommandLineParser. Adds Chris Sells's fabulous (and fabulously complex) class of the same name to your project.

DispEvent. Adds IDispEventImpl sinks to ATL projects.

ScreenSaver. Creates Win32 screen saver projects.

SimplestObject. Inserts an ATL COM object into your project with no idl, no registry entries, etc.