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This tool runs in an explorer bar in Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is useful for exploring elements, events, and interfces in HTML documents.

This is the successor to dhtmlmon, its awkward predecessor.


  1. Download setup.exe.

  2. Close all instances of Internet Explorer.

  3. Run setup.exe.

  4. Start Internet Explorer and select View | Explorer Bars | IEDocMon from the main menu.

  5. Click IEDocMon's Help button at the bottom of its toolbar.

Source is a Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 project built with the Platform SDK and WTL 7.


setup.exe (97k) (49k)


September 2, 2002. Version 2.0.


Copyright 2001-2002 by Tim Tabor. All rights reserved. No warrantees extended. Use at your own risk. You may use the source code without royalty. You may not distribute any portion of the source or binary without the express written consent of Tim Tabor.


Please report bugs and feature requests to me.


Tim Tabor