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I like to take digital snapshots and email them to friends. But it's too much trouble for me to reduce them from their original huge print size, and too much trouble for my friends to open up each of the attachments individually.

I wrote this tool to resize image files and render them with html in Microsoft Outlook.

This context menu shell extension requires the following on your computer:


  1. Download setup.exe.

  2. Run setup.exe.

  3. Start Windows Explorer.

  4. Click an image file to select it, or Ctrl-Click several image files to select them all. SendImage handles .gif, .jpg, .bmp, and .tif files.

  5. Right-Click the selected images, and choose Send Image from the popup menu.
    • Select size and title options from the bottom of the submenu.
    • Select Send from the top of the submenu.

Source is a Microsoft Visual C++ .NET project with ATL 7. There are no dependencies on the CLR. The source code demonstrates some of the new ATL classes and GDI+.


setupxp.exe for Windows XP (106k)

setup.exe for other versions of Windows (1,052k) (28k)


November 22, 2003. Version 1.0. November 30, 2003. Version 1.1. December 6, 2003. Version 1.2.


Copyright 2003 by Tim Tabor. All rights reserved. No warrantees extended. Use at your own risk. You may use the source code without royalty. You may not distribute any portion of the source or binary without the express written consent of Tim Tabor.


Please report bugs and feature requests to me.


Tim Tabor