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IE5 introduced tool bands, which provide a convenient mechanism for adding bands to the browser's rebar. The bands can contain toolbars, or combo boxes, or radio controls, or whatever.

This project implements a toolbar in a tool band. The project uses Microsoft Visual C++, ATL, and WTL.


The toolband is registered when you build the project. To register the band on another machine, open a console and enter

regsvr32 ieband.dll


Once the toolband is built and registered, select it from Internet Explorer's View | Toolbars submenu.

There is a bug in some versions of IE and Windows, described in BUG: Same Menu Item Appears for All Internet Explorer Tool Band Objects

Source (available under Download, below) is a Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 project, depending on ATL, WTL, the current Platform SDK, and IE 5.0+.

The project includes my CToolBandImpl template, which is an ATL implementation of the COM described in Creating Custom Explorer Bars, Tool Bands, and Desk Bands.

After inheriting from CToolBandImpl, the following messages must be handled:

In addition to the component's typical registration as a COM server under HKCR, it must be registered as a tool band for IE under HKCU. Consult the project's iebar.rgs for specifics. Note the registered name of the class - i.e., the string appearing after the clsid - provides the menuitem text for Internet Explorer's View | Toolbars submenu.

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May 21, 2000


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