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This is a console tool to dump type libraries to XML.

The tool should work with .tlb, olb., etc., libraries; as well as libraries bound as resources to dll's, exe's, etc.


Unzip to a directory in your search path.

No COM server registration is required.


tlb2xml /i <value> [/o <value>] [/p] [/?|h|help] [/v|version] [@argfile]
/i <value> Input File Name. This argument is required. The value specifies a type library (.tlb, .olb., etc), or a module with a type library resource (.dll, .exe., etc).
/o <value> Output File Name. This argument is optional. If you don't specify this argument, the output file name will be the input file name with ".xml" appended.
/p Pretty Print. This option requires msxml3.dll. Alternatively, you can view the output in Internet Explorer, which will format the XML with its default stylesheet.
/? Show usage.
/v Show version.
@argfile Read arguments from a file.

Note that the XML output files can be quite large.

Also note that dumping and pretty-printing very large type libraries requires lots of memory and takes a very long time.

Source is a Microsoft Visuall C++ 6.0 project built with ATL 3.0 and the current Platform SDK.

I started the project with the Gen<X> Win32 Console Application+ Wizard.

The command line is parsed by Chris Sells's Command Line Parser, implemented by the Gen<X> CommandLIneParser Wizard.

msxml3.tlh was created with Sofus Mortensen's ximport, another Gen<X> tool.

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September 15, 2001


Copyright© 2001 Tim Tabor. All rights reserved. No warrantees extended.


Please report bugs and feature requests to me.


Tim Tabor